Saturday, 31 March 2012

Head Construction

These heads are a lot harder than they appear. Trying to get solidity, appeal and consistency constant within these drawings is like pushing a boulder up a hill. Regardless it is still great exercise. Here are my latest spawn carrying on from yesterday.

Below is the bear/mouse head. Its less accurate than the one i drew yesterday but i believe the drawing itself is a lot more solid and appealing. The eyes however arent wrapping round the forms as well no is the upper hair line. Booo, something to look at.

 This thing is a right bastard, i get get a nice line on the left side but the right always comes off ragged and ugly. It compares quite nicely in the comparison but the line itself doesn't flow as nicely i believe.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Back from the dead

My computer is up and running again so im going to start uploading my learnings. Those Preston Blair are incredibly frustrating HOHO. Here are my first attempts, i tried going back to ammend details but i kept messing up. So i will post some more soon.