Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Even though i believe my studies are getting better i still seem to be suffering from the same problems each time. Even when i try to correct them i dont seem to be getting close to correcting all of my mistakes.

My main issues seem to be in the eyebrows and the hairline above them, the ears position and with the mouth and the hairline above that.

The snout i seems to be a lot closer each time and i have minor issues with the eyes but im slowly starting to fix them. 

I believe i may not be making the larger forms strong enough or setting it at the right rotation for all the features and subfeatures to fit the way they should. I will look at that again when i come back to this tomorrow. 

What is nice is to see how my drawings are already starting to look alot better then they did 6 posts ago. 


  1. You are going about the right way. Draw draw draw is the only way. I find it helps me stay focused if I draw what ever the lesson for an intense hour or two, and then switch to just random doodles. Drawing whatever I feel.

    1. Wow thanks Vincent, I shall try that technique. Much appreciated.