Friday, 22 March 2013

Keeping up

Im pretty awful when it comes to keeping this blog going. I try to set myself something to do every night but that appears to exhausting for me. So instead Im going to set fewer days of the week to focus on studies and the rest of the week on my own stuff. Hopefully that will work.

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  1. I hear you Archie, it can be crazy difficult trying to keep up with school, put in time for studies and work on your own projects.

    Weeknights I force myself to do some work. Even if it's just half a study or if I'm doing my own art, maybe I'll do the inking tonight and leave the coloring for tomorrow. Something is always better than nothing.
    Weekends I make sure I've done an hour or two of work before having a break which makes relaxation that much more satisfying.

    And don't be afraid to take the occasional day off! It's hard to go all year on self motivation without running out steam at some point. Carry on!