Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Circles, Jerry's Head and Life Drawing.

Here are my latest studies. Ive just lost my job so i had take time away to work out my life. But hopefully i can make this blog a bit more regular.

Here are my circle studies.
Hopefully this will help me draw more solid, consistent shapes.

I believe i dived in a little to deep here at the start. I wante to draw a circle on an angle but i couldn't quite get the centre lines to look right. They look flat or deformed in relation to the shape they should be following.

So i took a step back and attempted to draw simple circles with the centre lines running through them.

Many of my problems from what i can see here is that i tend to draw ovals or eggs. Drawing the perfect circle is a difficult challenge.

Many of these drawings seem to veer of to the side in some places.

There are a few notable exceptions. No 3 seems pretty constant even though the line on the right side is a little to thick and messy. The same applies for 6, 10 and 11. But out of the batch they are the tidiest and the most confident.
The circles show minor improvement. The centre lines are a little wobbly and rushed (rushing is still one of my greatest habits) But again, even though the line is a little to thick and messy im at the very least veering away from the deformed or egg type shapes.

I tried my hand at putting this basic concept of a circle on a very basic but incredibly well drawn character.

To take it slow i tried the simpler heads at the bottom. I will worry about expressions later.

I always get a bit annoyed when my first drawing is my best. The eyes and and cheeks follow the flow of the head a lot better than the drawings that follow.

This may indicate that i need to not get to confident and control myself if i get a bit cocky. :)
Life Drawing time.

I have done life drawing a handful of times in my life which explains some of my inabilities. So i thought it was time to address this.

Im glad i managed to get this whole figure onto one page which i somehow managed to fail in my drawing below. This indicates a lack of observation.

Although the drawing above is a little bit more proportionate to the one below i believe the one below shows a drawing that is a lot looser. And although this may indicate less control i believe it shows me trying to understand the form of the shapes and the way in which they look. The drawing above appears to rigid and lifeless.

I also give her a big arse.

What i need to take into account for next time is:

Observation (look at how things flow and work together)
Pace (take my time)
Try and understand the basic breakdown of the human body

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