Thursday, 8 December 2011

That snout was driving men on the first two drawings when i eventually noticed what i was doing wrong. Direction!
So i took more time to look at what i was drawing and added what was missing and i believe it made for a better drawing.
Unfortunately in trying to do it again i made the snout to fat and the eyes the wrong size. Something for next time.


  1. Good studies Archie, keep them coming! Do you have photoshop at all ? As you may have seen in my studies it really helps to compare your copies to the original image.

    Also what type of pencil do you use? I've been using a mechanical pencil but I see a lot of people using these red and blue ones.

  2. Hey i do have photoshop but im not going to use it until i cant see my own faults. Right now the flaws in my drawings are to obvious so i dont see the need to use it.

    I use these pencils

    They allow you to have a lot more variation in the thickness of your line and easier to have a strong and or lighter line. Mechanical pencils are good but i find them to limited.

    I only use different colours because it makes it easier for me when it comes to construction.

  3. I never thought of that, observation is an important skill. I'm going to look into some of those pencils