Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Jan 9th-Jan 17th Learning

Here are more studies. Im still having the same problem with head shapes and eyes but im gradually seeing more improvement. Proportions are getting better.

My first Jerry head in the top left is to rushed. So for the other three i slowed down and i believe they turned out a lot better.

My line work on this is a lot nicer than it usually is, a few issues with the head shape and space but better than i could of done three weeks ago.

The rabbit below shows the same continuing problem i have with the position in the eyes. I cant quite but my finger on it but they don't look right. Maybes its because they are pointing in opposite directions.

Without straying to far with what ive learned from the Preston Blair books i tried to make my own character based on what ive learned. A little generic but its a nice start.


  1. Drawing a mouse or a bunny was never easy for me.

    Drawing a sylvester-like Cat is probably what i'm best at for this kinda stuff. (as of now)

    Though, I usually just invent my OWN characters.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment on my drawings, Archie. These look very good yourself, though I think you might have softened and toned down some of the details in the original drawings.

    Eddie loved my drawings too, and John and Vincent gave me tons of advice about a year and a half ago, so I'm very satisfied with that! :)

    1. Many thanks Roberto :)

      Im jealous you got Eddie and John to see your work, hopefully one day they will see me and guide me in the right direction.