Thursday, 17 May 2012

Head Construction 12

I'm going to have to go slower and think more about these eggheads. Maybe focus on one or two instead of 4-6. These egg shapes don't come naturally and take a lot of discipline to get them down right. Its actually some of the most difficult stuff I have ever drawn. 

I need to be extra careful drawing these in future and need to be a lot more critical on my final work.

I wish I had more time to sit down and do the corrections. Hopefully have more time tomorrow. 

Again I believe i managed to maintain the appeal but couldn't hold together the solidity of the original drawing. 

This bloody thing is a pain, always putting the mouth to low. At least i captured some of the appeal in the original drawing. 

 This mouse head started well but got worse and worse with every added feature.


  1. That last mouse actually looks pretty nice! It just doesn't match the original.
    Aside from getting better at copying images and training your eyes to be observant, remember to take in the information of the lesson.
    You're doing a good job at it, I'm trying to force the new information to stick to my brain.

  2. Yeah forcing that information into my head is the hard part, i think im going to take some time off drawing my own thing for a little bit and focus only on studies.